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Why do we need a Refundable Bond? Surely people respect the cottages and leave them clean & tidy?

Unfortunately a small minority cause a lot of damage and leave the cottages in a mess. Here are some examples:-

It is one thing to break a child's chair, but would you just leave the bits slung on the floor by the front door?

The glass door of this microwave was broken. (They had swept up the broken glass!)

Blue felt tip marker on a duvet cover ( and other things as well).

The grill pan, and all the saucepans had been left. No attempt to clean them or put them in the dishwasher.


The glass side of this cabinet was broken. We had to carefully remove the beading, fit a new pane of glass and replace the beading.

How do you break the bottom rung of a chair?

Someone had been smoking (illegal) in a bedroom (we found a glass that had been used as an ashtray) and must have set off the smoke detector. To stop the alarm they had attempted to remove the battery but it is a mains powered smoke detector and they broke it trying to get it down.

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