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We want to retire in a few years time which means putting everything up for sale now. We are flexible and will sell it as a whole as a going concern or in separate lots.

This is a rough guide of how it could be split into separate lots, but it is flexible and anything is possible. The price of each lot would depend on the amount of land & furniture required. Whatever your requirements, it is worth having a look and discussing what would suit you best. Click to see photo showing possible lots.

The prices are GUIDE prices only as furniture, land and outbuildings can be varied to suit your needs.

Lot 1   £165,000         Nentside Barn (Double & Twin bedrooms)
                                    Field (approx 1.4 acres)   more if required
A two bedroom family home with land if required (to keep a horse or sheep)

Lot 2    £300,000        Ramblers Rest   (Double & Twin bedrooms)
                                    Writers Cottage  (Double bedroom)
                                    Guest Laundry
                                    Field in front (approx 7.2 acres)    more if required
Note that Ramblers Rest, Writers Cottage and the Guest Laundry are all one building.
A two bedroom family home and a self contained 1 bedroom ‘granny flat’ with land if required.

Lot 3    £375,000         Rock House Farm (Four bedrooms)
                                    Workshop (possible conversion??)
                                    Old pig sty and netty
                                    Field at back (approx 7.8 acres)    more if required
A large four bedroom family home, with workshop alongside, and land if required.
The workshop alongside could be converted (subject to planning permission)to a granny flat, holiday home, garden office, or childrens playroom.
With Lot 5 it would make a very good small holding

Lot  4   £400,000         Valley View  (Two double bedrooms)
                                    Sunrise  (Double & Twin bedrooms)
                                    Field (approx 2.2 acres)
A two bedroom house and a self contained ‘granny flat’ (could be knocked into one without too much difficulty). With land if required
NOTE: This is the owner’s home, and would have to be the last lot sold, as they cannot move until the other cottages are sold

Lot 5                            Farmyard,
                                    Store Room
                                    Grazing Land & Woodlands (approx 80 acres)
Ideal for keeping horses, sheep, or cows. Would go well with Rock House Farm.
A ‘farm worker’ might be able to get planning permission for a house in order to live on the farm.
Land £1,500 to £2,000 per acre + Buildings          £200,000

Note: at present the farmer claims Single Payment. The owner could claim Uplands Entry Level Stewardship (and High Level Stewardship) but has delayed as the land is being split up & sold.




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