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Baby Friendly
Cots, high chairs, & cuddly toys

Child Friendly
Toys, games, videos & playground

Pet Friendly
Blanket, bowl, towel, pooh bags, ball thrower

FREE use of OUR WiFi Broadband
Range is limited to outside our house

ASDA or Sainsburys Home Delivery
Have your food delivered here

Please use the site map below to go directly to a webpage.


What you can do to help

The only thing we insist on is that you sort your rubbish for recycling. The council restrict the number of 'blue bags' of general rubbish. This is not a problem if the bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and plastics are separated out. We have to take the plastics and cardboard to the recycling centre.
'Posting' sticky, smelly plastic bottles in the recycling container is not a nice job so please rinse plastic bottles.
If you do not separate your rubbish we will charge you - going through other people's rubbish fishing out bottles and cans is a really horrible job.

If you are green-minded, you can help in the following ways:-

Use your car less - this is a remote area and you need transport, but there are walks that you can do from the cottages without using your car - eg walk up on our land, or walk into Alston, have lunch and then either walk back or catch the bus.
Rather then just mooch around in your car, do something like pony trekking or cycling that lets you see the area.

Wear more clothes and turn the heating down. Many people work in overheated offices or shops and get used to wearing shorts and a teeshirt even in winter. Bring warm clothes and put on more layers.












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