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Cots, high chairs, & cuddly toys

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Toys, games, videos & playground

Pet Friendly
Blanket, bowl, towel, pooh bags, ball thrower

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Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to providing good quality service while actively reducing our environmental impact. To this end we offer the following:

  1. Bins are provided for recycling of glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, cans & ashes. (Ashes are sieved and the coke is re-used. Batteries etc are recycled at IKEA. Other things are taken to Flusco)
  2. An insulated rotary compostor is used for all compostable waste.
  3. Using recycled paper and products where possible.
  4. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.
  5. Insulation in our loft spaces to increase energy efficiency.
  6. Buying locally where possible.
  7. Water from spring, Waste water is treated and returned to the land.
  8. Using email and our website (instead of paper) to promote our Cottages where possible.
  9. Double glazing throughout.

These actions to make Rock House Estate more sustainable have taken place in a wider context of environmental improvement for wildlife.

  1. Restoring dry stone walling.
  2. Extensive new tree planting.
  3. Meadow management with our local farmer who cuts it for hay.
  4. Preserving the habitat of the Lapwings, Black Grouse and Curlews etc.

Some years ago we joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme (which provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities) and achieved a silver rating.but we have not continued it as the cost of membership is too high in the current economic climate. However we are still as 'green' as ever. If you support our aims you can:

  1. Recycle glass, paper, tins and plastic bottles etc.
  2. Switch off lights when leaving a room and turn down heaters rather than opening a window to cool a room down.
  3. Use shops selling local produce - see your information file for more on this.
  4. Leave the car behind sometimes and walk or cycle from our cottages.
  5. Fill in our feedback form on leaving to let us know how our environmental policies have affected your holiday.

Please ask if you would like to know more about our environmental policy or the actions we have taken.





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