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Our Travel Website  

Welcome to Paul & Carol Huish's travel website. Our aim is to document the highlights of our travels and hopefully our recommendations will help YOU.

Over the years we have holidayed around the world and would like to recommend the places and things that we have particularly enjoyed - the less touristy places and the slightly unusual things to do.

One thing that travel does is make you appreciate how much there is to see and do in Europe. We tend to take our castles, cathedrals, etc for granted. It is only when you go to places like Australia that you suddenly realise that they only have a couple of hundred years of history. They get excited about something built 200 years ago by the convicts, but then you realise it is not as old as the stone cottage you live in! and take for granted!

Our plan is to close our holiday cottages each winter and take our time (4 or 5 months) travelling around Europe and seeing all the things we have not had time to do in the past. When we manage to sell our holiday cottages and fully retire, we will spend even more time travelling - winters in southern europe and summers in Scandinavia. Click here to see our 'Photo Albums' of our travels


For our travelling we have bought a pickup truck and '5th wheel' caravan. (the '5th wheel' is an articulated lorry type hitch). For details about the advantages of a '5er'click here


When travelling abroad for long periods, the one thing you miss is British TV programmes and keeping in touch with things at home. In Europe that means a BIG! satellite dish (Big = Expensive!). Click for more information about satellite TV.


When we started travelling we were totally reliant on Guide Books, but these days the Internet makes booking travel arrangements easy, and sites like TripAdvisor help you find the more unusual things to do and also find restaurants that suit your taste. We are big fans of TripAdvisor and you will see our reviews as 'PAULnCAROL'


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