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Conventional caravans are notorious for 'snaking'. Sudden braking, swerving, or just the slipstream of a big lorry can start a caravan swinging from side to side and then turning over. We have seen enough overturned caravans to put us off buying one! We give any 'wobbling' caravans a wide berth just in case.

The other problem with conventional caravans is that the 'nose weight' is pushing down on the ball hitch which is several feet behind the rear wheels of the car. The rear wheels act as a 'fulcrum' - the tow bar goes down and the front of the car goes up. This reduces the grip of the front tyres making the steering very light. Just think of it as being like a 'see-saw'


Motorhomes are easy to drive and quite stable. The problem is that when you park up at a site for a period of time you do not have any transport to run around in. If you are keen cyclists this problem is easily overcome. The 'ridiculous' solution is towing a small car!

Even more over the top are the very large american motorhomes with a 'garage' for a small car.


'Fifth Wheel' Caravans

In europe, most people don't realise there is an alternative that has the stability of a motorhome and the advantages of being able to unhitch like a normal caravan. Another advantage is that the caravan swoops up over the pickup and that extra space is used for a permanent double bedroom.

It is a fairly expensive option as you have to buy a pickup truck as well as the caravan, but it is like a small articulated lorry. We have a 3 litre Nissan Navara pickup truck which has loads of power for towing, and has all the luxuries of a top of the range car.

Note that the 'Nose Weight' of the caravan bears down directly over the rear wheels of the truck. So there is no 'see-saw' effect like with a normal tow bar.. Our truck has had an additional air bag type of suspension added - when towing you can pump it up a bit and afterwards you can let some air back out.




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