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About Us

A Chartered Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy practise founded in 2010 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Rock House Estate is now situated in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Following a determination by its proprietors to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive range of technical services within the Civil and Structural engineering sectors to mostly residential and commercial developments, the business was established.

Our reputation

We are proud of our reputation for sound judgement and a high-quality documentation system; our staff combines their realistic technical knowledge with excellent communication skills to facilitate an effective and methodical team approach to complete any small or large, simple or challenging projects, within the parameters and timeframes that have been established in advance (design and construction programs). Our inventive thinking, design sensitivity, and cost-effective engineering approach have always led us to develop new, yet practical solutions that fit within the architectural restrictions and needs, as well as the constraints of the project site and surrounding environment. Our design teams strive to be the most service-oriented and effective professionals in the industry on a constant basis. We approach projects with the philosophy of taking a big-picture perspective while also paying thorough attention to every minute element of that project in order to get the greatest possible outcome for our customers.

Our own personal experience

Our engineers and technicians have a wealth of practical experience and in-depth working knowledge of a wide range of national and international standards and codes of practise that are relevant to the design and construction of buildings and structures. Our knowledge and experience is based on a hands-on approach that includes active participation in all phases of any sort of construction project, as well as comprehensive civil and structural engineering design services.

As a result of our previous experience with traditional projects, we are always able to establish a positive and productive working relationship with the other members of the design and construction teams. This will allow us to move projects forward in a proactive manner, avoiding any perceived problems and ultimately achieving the team’s goals.

Due to our in-depth understanding of structural engineering, we are able to design nearly any structure, from minor retaining walls to multi-story steel frame and concrete skyscrapers. In our many years of working as a civil and structural engineering consultant for both private individuals and corporate clients, we have gained extensive experience in a wide range of projects, from single-family homes to multi-phased big housing or commercial projects for some of the largest speculative housebuilders and developers in the United Kingdom and Oman, as well as in the Middle East. We have also gained valuable experience in planning and building control matters over the years by collaborating with a variety of other consultants, including architects, planning architects, landscape architects, developers, surveyor, consultant and managers, contractors, local authorities, and housing associations, among others.

Professional advancements on a continuous basis

We place a strong emphasis on continuous professional development, education, and training for all of our technical and administrative staff in order to ensure that our experienced engineers and technicians can effectively use the latest design, drawing, and communication tools, such as Revit, Civil 3D, and BIM (Building Information Model), and to improve our designs and coordination with architects and other members of the design and construction teams.